Personal Injury

Gurevich Law Group covers all personal injury cases involving both physical injuries and nonphysical injuries, such as emotional distress. No matter what you have been through, we can help, and we will do so with all the compassion, know-how and professionalism you should expect from your attorney. 

Do you have grounds to sue?

Have you been involved in an accident? You may have been injured: 

– at work
– in a construction accident
– in a major car/truck/motorcycle/train accident
– in an elevator or escalator accident
– on the sidewalk
– by a dog or other dangerous pet/animal
– due to a defective product (including drugs) or machinery
– due to poisoning from toxic chemicals and substances
– due to medical malpractice
– due to police misconduct/brutality (a police officer using excessive force on you)
– due to an explosion or a fire accident
– due to electrical shock or electrocution
– due to an accident in a commercial or residential building, or unsafe conditions on someone else’s premises caused by inadequate maintenance of a building and/or property (e.g. a falling brick or poorly lit and dangerous areas)
– due to a slip and fall at a store or supermarket
If your child has been injured, see **here** for further details.

Your accident must have been caused due to the negligence of another; in other words, another party must have caused your accident, whether intentionally, accidentally, recklessly or negligently. 

What you need to know:

If your accident was wrongfully caused by another person, company or government agency you are entitled by law to recover monetary damages by suing in a civil court. The body of law covering injuries to the body or mind of a person is known as personal injury law and is a category of tort law.

A tort, from the French word for “wrong”, is what the law refers to in situations in which someone acts wrongfully causing injury to another person. For a claim to succeed, it is necessary to prove:
1. An injury or harm has occurred
2. That another party has acted wrongfully

Why do you need a lawyer?

There are certain procedures that may not be necessarily apparent to the layman. There is a limitation on the time in which you are able to file a claim to recover damages for a personal injury, which is dependent on who you are suing (see below). Moreover, claims are not always straightforward; it is important you consult with an experienced new york personal injury lawyer before you pursue legal action.

At Gurevich Law Group, we shoulder the burden of legal responsibilities, allowing you to recover emotionally and physically from what may have been a devastating and debilitating injury. For a free consultation, call us on **number**.

Our firm operates on a no-way-no-pay basis. That means even if you don’t win your lawsuit, we shoulder all the legal fees and court fees, and you won’t pay anything out of pocket.

Does New York have special rules on personal injury lawsuits?

Damages – New York does NOT have a cap on damages, unlike other states. What this means for you is that you may be entitled to more compensation than you would otherwise get if you brought your claim in another state.

Shared fault liability – If you do have a claim, the other party may try to argue that you share some level of liability for your accident (shared fault; in other words, that you are either fully or partially to blame for your accident). Under New York law, there is a “pure comparative negligence rule”. What this means in practical terms is that the amount you are entitled to receive by way of compensation is reduced by the percentage of fault for which you are deemed accountable for the accident (e.g. if you are entitled to $50,000 and your responsibility was 10%, your damages will be reduced to $45,000).

No-fault liability – If you have been involved in a car accident, New York laws on no-fault liability require you to collect from your insurance policy, preventing you from suing the responsible party for compensation until you have done so. These claims are sometimes called Personal Injury Protection claims (PIP), and are made against your insurer for payment of medical bills and lost wages. 

Time limitations: The time in which you are able to sue a responsible party for your injury is **3 years**. If you are filing a claim against the government, you must file a formal claim against the responsible agency within **90 days** of the injury and you have **one year** to file a lawsuit

Owner liability for dogs or other dangerous animals – If you have been injured by a dog bite, there is no statute in New York governing personal injury liability in such cases. You must prove that the owner “should have known” that their animal was dangerous for them to be held liable for injuries caused (the “one bite” rule).

For these reasons, as well as to reduce the amount of stress suffered on your part, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer once your injury is seen to by a medical professional. Here at Gurevich Law Group, we will investigate the basis of your claim, ensuring that everything you need to do to successfully see a personal injury case through is managed in a timely fashion so that you can be rightfully compensated for another’s wrongful acts. 

Remedies for personal injury lawsuits

You may be wondering what you are entitled to recover under a personal injury claim. If your claim is successful, you could receive damages in the form of monetary compensation for:
– Economic damages, including medical expenses and property damage and lost income due to missed work days
– Non-economic damages for intangible costs, such as pain and suffering and emotional distress

Damages encompass direct damages (for medical expenses and property damage), compensatory damages for intangible costs to your life and wellbeing (such as wages for days needed off work to recover and pain and suffering), and punitive damages for any negligence caused by the party responsible for your injury. 

For further details on what you may be able to recover in your personal injury claim, call us to discuss your case in a free-of-charge, no-obligation call.

Does it cost you anything to sue? What happens if you lose your lawsuit?

If you are already under a significant financial burden to your injury, don’t worry about legal expenses for bringing a claim; you don’t pay us a cent unless we win your lawsuit, meaning that there is no financial cost to bringing a claim. We even take on the liability of paying court fees and other administrative costs. Give us a call on 718.844.4403 today for a free 30-min consultation.