At Gurevich Law Group, we have extensive expertise on child injury cases under New York law. We can ensure that your claim is handled with the care and expert knowledge that you and your child should receive. 

What do you do if your child has been injured?

Has your child been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence? If so, it is crucial that a physician be consulted if this has not already been done so that your child’s wounds or injuries can be documented. It’s also advisable to contact a lawyer at the first available opportunity, so that you can prioritize your child’s recovery while dealing with such an emotionally debilitating event. You can rest assured that the legal aspects of the aftermath will be managed with the professionalism and excellence associated with Gurevich Law Group, and that the responsible party will be held accountable. 

Do you have a case?

Whether or not you have a case depends on what exactly occurred. See our list of customer success cases to get an idea of whether or not your child has been in a similar situation.

There are strict time limitations on when a Notice of Claim must be filed; if you do not do so within 1 year and 90 days of the incident, you will generally be barred from pursuing it in the future under New York Statute of Limitations law. Cases are not always straightforward, and there can be more than one party involved in an incident or who are responsible for your child being hurt. This is one of the reasons why it is so important you contact someone with the knowledge required to handle these cases appropriately; the last thing you want is for someone to bungle your case. As an experienced law firm, we have the know-how required to examine your case and determine the best possible actions to deliver maximum compensation and the most favorable outcome. It is best to focus on moving forward and make the most of a horrific situation, or at a minimum, to compensate your child for harm done.

One of the main things that can prevent a claim from succeeding is if the occurrence was not foreseeable by the responsible party; in other words, could they have done something to prevent it? Are they at fault? If you want to discuss your case and gain some understanding of the chances of your child’s claim being decided in your favor, please call us on 718.844.4403.

Example scenarios which can cause injury to a child:
– negligence at a day care center and at school or at any professional service to which you have sent your child where inadequate supervision was provided;
– defective, toxic or unsafe toys and products intended for children, including car seats
– being bitten by a dog
– bullies or disruptive children
– car accidents
– negligence of a third party (unsafe conditions)
– slips and falls
– excessively hot food or drink

Are you entitled to compensation? What you need to know about child injury

Your child has the same rights as an adult, and is entitled to compensation. While children cannot bring a claim themselves, parents and guardians are able to bring a claim on their behalf, with any compensation awarded being kept in a trust fund until the child reaches the age of maturity (18). Some of the award will also go towards medical costs, costs incurred by the parents, and attorney fees. Rest assured that we e don’t charge any fees unless we win your case.

We understand the trauma that you and your child have to undergo if your child has been injured, and are deeply sympathetic to the pain and suffering you have had to endure. Because we have worked on many such cases, our team of personal injury lawyers have years of subject matter expertise on child injury cases, and can deliver you results, relieving you of some of the burden and stress associated with child injury. Please feel free to give us a call on 718.844.4403 for a free-of-charge consultation.